I Was Pregnant After Divorce

I Was Pregnant After Divorce


Lin Zhixia transmigrates into a novel, unaware that he is now the vicious cannon fodder who slagged the protagonist, Luo Qin. Luo Qin, the cannon fodder’s husband and male lead, was cold to Lin Zhixia, not caring if he lived or died, making his life miserable. Fine then! He’ll give the male lead what he wants.

No matter what Lin Zhixia did, it wasn’t enough. His husband was convinced he had sinister motives.

Lin Zhixia made a decision, packed his bags and slapped Luo Qin with divorce papers!

He took nothing with him when he left, only the previous owners bad reputation. He was hoping to make a fresh start but a month later, Lin Zhixia found out he was pregnant!


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