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Astra (Li Zouxing) is a gay man. A solid top, a seme, the real deal. Unfortunately for him, he transmigrated into a bg harem novel.

The Journey is a popular web novel based on an intergalactic setting. The whole book is filled with the straight romance between one male lead and his harem of beauties. The male lead of the novel is actually over 30 years old, but after consuming a secret medicine his body regressed back to that of a teenager. This male lead is the perfect mix of shy and mature, passionate and innocent – all at the same time. No other person can unify all those conflicting traits as well as the male lead can.

Needless to say the male lead is exactly Astra’s type.

If only Astra could, then he would.

But the author told Astra: there’s no way for you to un-transmigrate yourself, this is a harem novel, the world setting doesn’t even have gay in its vocabulary, and on top of that you have to remain in character at all times.

And what kind of character is this Astra from the book? Nicknamed Sunny (Little Sun), known for being sweet but kind of dumb, the male lead’s best buddie, a loyal little underling for the mighty male lead. And worst of all – straight as they come.

And so, every time he witnessed the male lead’s domineering aura while wiping out all the bad guys, Astra would pay his due respects and act along with the rest of the crowd: “You’re so awesome!”

But in his head Astra is definitely thinking: damn this slutty little thing, everytime he cooks he’s gotta wear that apron and tie it so tight around that tiny waist.

A waist that’s small enough for Astra to wrap his hands around.

For a gay guy, Astra’s always had pretty good luck with the ladies.

In a bar: Wen (Gu Wencheng) watched as the woman with heavy makeup flirted with his best buddy. Wen’s face darkened as the violent storm of emotions in his heart threatened to burst forth. For a moment, Wen wondered if his controlling and possessive instincts are getting a little out of control.

It took a while for Wen to realize that he was actually jealous of that woman.

But Astra, the one who turned him so weird in the first place, is actually an idiot that doesn’t understand anything – how could the idiot Astra know the effect that he has on Wen?