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I Was Pregnant After Divorce – Ch 10

The restaurant was closed for three days in a row.

By the forth day, Lin Keai had significantly recovered and Aunty Qin offered to watch the little baby in the hospital ward. Lin Zhixia went back to work, rushing back to accompany the little bean for meals and bedtime.

Qin Zhe also visited quite a few times. He was a man that was an excellent scholar but he had no common sense. He brought Xiao Ai a lot of oily, salty snacks and the little bean, who was forced to drink porridge for every meal, turned into a voracious tiger when he saw such delicious food.

Lin Zhixia did his best to stop him eating everything.

Lin Keai was quick to cry, offended that he could only look and not eat. Lin Zhixia was both angry and amused by Xiao Ai’s antics, blaming himself for spoiling his child too much.

On the day of discharge, Qin Zhe picked them up from the hospital and drove them home. Lin Zhixia was embarrassed to let him help but he didn’t resist.

Lin Zhixia packed up the little guy’s supplies and thanked Qin Zhe, “We won’t take up much of your time today. There’s not much to move back home.”

Qin Zhe smiled and said, “The school I teach at is nearby. Your home is along the way. “

Lin Zhixia didn’t know if what he said was true.

Qin Zhe was a university teacher, a truly generous and elegant man. Although he was an idiot in general life situations, he was very gentle and compassionate. Sometimes, he was too hard to read and Lin Zhixia could never guess what he was thinking.

“These days, thank you and Aunty for helping look after Xiao Ai and the restaurant. You two are always helping me. How about I treat you both to dinner?”

“Don’t worry so much about that. My mother really likes Xiao Ai. She’s more than happy to help.”

Finally able to eat food other than porridge, Lin Keai was sitting on the edge of the bed concentrating on eating a cupcake. He happily swung his two small, short legs as he ate. After hearing Qin Zhe say that Old Lady Qin liked him a lot, he leapt up to interject, “I also like grandma!”

Lin Zhixia pinched Xiao Ai’s cheek, “You’ve already eaten half the cupcakes. You’re not allowed to eat them all!”

Lin Keai looked at the cake in his hand and then at his dear Dad who was still pinching his cheek. He looked torn for a long moment and then finally said reluctantly, “Well, all right.”

Watching the father and son interaction, Qin Zhe laughed for a long moment and then sighed, “Who did you inherit such gluttony from?”

As soon as the words were said, the adults went still. Qin Zhe thoughtfully didn’t continue this topic with Lin Zhixia and the two continued to chat casually.

After everything was packed, Lin Zhixia carried Lin Keai and Qin Zhe carried their things out.

“Dad! I really miss Xiao Xun!”

“Well, you can play with Xiao Xun tomorrow.”

Lin Zhixia chatted with Lin Keai and helped him wipe the cake crumbs next to his mouth.


Luo Qin got off the plane and went straight to the hospital without changing or resting.

What he saw was this scene of Lin Zhixia and Qin Zhe coming out together. He indifferently watched Lin Zhixia laughing and chatting with the people around him, with a relaxed demeanor and a bright smile.

Suddenly, Lin Zhixia handed the child in his arms to the man next to him and then bent down to tie his own shoelaces.

The child very intimately wrapped his arms around the man’s neck.

At the sight, Luo Qin felt a pressure in his chest and found it hard to breathe.

He didn’t know why his chest felt like that. Or why he had been so upset these past few days or why he dropped everything at work to rush on a plane back to the city. Why did he rush so fast to the hospital?

Luo Qin had always prided himself on being calm and steady but now, whenever he encountered something related to Lin Zhixia, he was confused by his own body and mind.

Luo Qin retracted his gaze and returned to the car. Although he didn’t know how to define his current complex mood, he rationally told himself that such a hasty reunion was not a good thing.


Lin Zhixia recently realized that there was always a black sports car parked in front of the small restaurant every day. It would sit there for over an hour but it never interfered with the customers so he ignored it.

Lin Zhixia’s life was busy. He ran his business, took care of his son and always tried to set aside time for having fun with Xiao Ai.

He didn’t know that someone was observing all this in secret.

Luo Qin sat in the car, looking blankly at Lin Zhixia.

The restaurant was very small, the facade only one-third the size of the hot pot restaurant next door and the decor was very simple. It was very likely that Luo Qin would not have come to this place to eat in his entire life.

He felt compelled to sit outside the restaurant because he was constantly having dreams of Lin Zhixia. Sometimes when he woke up, he couldn’t remember anything and sometimes the memories were very clear.

He had dreamed of Lin Zhixia again last night.

In the dream, Lin Zhixia was pregnant and he went through his day to day routine. It played like a movie in Luo Qin’s mind.

Lin Zhixia would wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning and head to work at the restaurant he didn’t own yet. He never had time to cook breakfast and would buy something quick on the way.

He worked nonstop until noon and then had to work through the lunch rush, unable to stop and rest until 2 o’clock. After a hasty meal, he had to go to the back kitchen to continue to work. Then, the dinner rush would begin.

Occasionally, Lin Zhixia would stop and look at his pregnant stomach in a daze.

On the way back home, because of the snowy sidewalk and no street lights, Lin Zhixia slipped and fell forward, landing heavily. He laid still for a long time, stunned and not daring to move. When he snapped out of his shock, he rushed to the hospital for a check-up and gave a large sigh of relief when he and the unborn child were deemed safe.

The dreams were fragmented but they felt very real.

After waking up from that dream, Luo Qin’s heart felt empty and he couldn’t go back to sleep. He’d gotten up to smoke several cigarettes and think about the contents of his strange dreams.


Lin Zhixia went to the kindergarten to pick up Xiao Ai and happened to meet Qin Zhe on the way back. The two returned together and saw the black sports car parked on the street right next to the restaurant door.

It was Friday and business was generally very good in the evening. There would be many students in the nearby university town coming over to play for the weekend. Lin Zhixia decided to go up and say hello to the driver of the car and ask them to move the car away.

Qin Zhe also saw the problem, “Hasn’t this car been here every day? Why is it parked so close?”

“Yes, it’s been coming for a long time but usually just in the afternoon and only for a short time. It was never in the way before so I ignored it.”

“I’ll go talk to them. “

Lin Zhixia stopped him, “It’s okay, I’ll go.”

Lin Zhixia walked straight up to the car, forcing a smile on his face. After all, a person was less likely to lash out at a smiling face, right? With a little honest communication, this situation would be resolved.

After he walked a few steps, the door of the car opened by itself and a familiar figure exited the car.

Lin Zhixia’s smile stiffened.

“Long time no see,” Luo Qin stood less than two meters away from him, looking at him indifferently, “Lin Zhixia.”

The words were “It’s been a long time,” but from Luo Qin’s expression, there was not the slightest hint of joy at the long-awaited reunion.

Lin Zhixia was confused. He didn’t expect it to be Luo Qin.

Or more honestly, he didn’t expect to meet Luo Qin again in this life.

The four years of time hadn’t left any traces on Luo Qin’s face and when he appeared, all the scenery around him was dimmed, as if only his radiance was left in the world.

If there was any change, it was that his youthful sharpness had been cultivated into a mellow and calm temperament. He was still proud and noble, awe-inspiring and extraordinary but his body no longer had the cold and hostile aura that rejected all lesser people.

Why was Luo Qin here?


Seeing that his father hadn’t spoken for a long time, Lin Keai went up to hold his hand curiously. His soft call snapped Lin Zhixia from his shock. He hurriedly pulled Xiao Ai behind himself to block the little one’s body and then smiled at Luo Qin, “Yes, it’s indeed been a long time.”

After saying that he lowered his head and licked his lips nervously, still forcing an awkward smile on his face.

He knew that his actions were obviously suspicious but he just didn’t want Luo Qin to see Lin Keai. He didn’t want Luo Qin to know of the existence of the baby.

But Luo Qin asked, “Your child?”

Lin Zhixia bit his lip, looked at Qin Zhe next to him and pulled the other man closer, “Yes. I’m married and have a child.”

He panicked. He had never been a good actor and it was obvious that this was a lie. Fortunately, Qin Zhe reacted well and cooperated in the scheme by reaching out to hold Lin Zhixia’s hand.

But Luo Qin was not easily deceived.

His eyes stayed on Lin Zhixia for a few seconds and the long silence made Lin Zhixia uneasy. In contrast, Luo Qin was cool and calm.

“Lin Zhixia,” Luo Qin said flatly, “It’s been so long and you still like to lie to people.”


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