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I Was Pregnant After Divorce – Ch 1

Seven o’clock in the evening.

Lin Zhixia sat at the table and waited for his husband to return.

This was the fifteenth day he had transmigrated into this book. After experiencing the initial panic and shock, he had gradually begun to get used to this new identity, this new life.

In the original world, Lin Zhixia was twenty years old. He was an orphan, still in college, a part-time worker and part-time student. He was busy to death. He had no lovers but a few good friends. Although life was hard, it could be considered a decent life.

In this world, Lin Zhixia was twenty years old, an orphan and a high school dropout. He was married and had a handsome and rich husband.

Comparing them, he seemed to like this life more.

The book he had entered was called “Life in Love”. In his last life, Lin Zhixia had worked part-time in a bookstore. This book was placed on the shelf of best-selling books. It was put together with the works of many literary masters. The colorful cover was very eye-catching and Lin Zhixia was curious. Turning over a few pages, he had found that, although the name of the book was a bit high brow, it was actually a very vulgar dog blood novel.

He hadn’t taken a closer look at the specific plot and only remembered that the protagonist’s name was Luo Qin.

This was also his husband’s name.

Luo Qin, Lin Zhixia thought silently. He felt sweet just thinking about it…

Since Luo Qin was the protagonist, Lin Zhixia, as his spouse, should also be a protagonist.

Although it could be said that everyone was the protagonist of their own life, if his original life was also a book, it was painful and inspirational. People who read about it were tired and people who lived that life were even more tired.

It was better to be in a novel. Although there were different opinions on the reading experience, the protagonist was alive and well!

“Young Master will definitely not come back for dinner. I advise you to stop waiting.”

Lin Zhixia had waited for twenty minutes and Mother* Wang had come to persuade him.

For some reason, Lin Zhixia always felt that Mother Wang looked down on him unpleasantly.

Although she was polite on the surface, sometimes Lin Zhixia would suddenly raise his head to see her eyes looking at him with disgust.

In fact, not only Mother Wang, but all the people in this house were not very nice to Lin Zhixia. But they loved and supported Luo Qin very much.

Lin Zhixia whispered, “I’ll wait. Luo Qin said this afternoon that he would come back early today for dinner.”

Mother Wang carelessly threw a towel on the table and the sound startled Lin Zhixia. He looked at her blankly. She still had a polite smile on her face but when she turned around, she ‘hmphed’.

Lin Zhixia had been pondering over the past few days that Mother Wang and the others’ attitude towards him was probably because of their novel roles.

Wasn’t this the same in idol dramas? If a common lady married into a wealthy family, all of the servants were arrogant at first.

But obviously, Lin Zhixia was a master of the house as well…

Lin Zhixia sighed. Because of his life experience, he had always had an easy going personality. Although he could feel that Mother Wang had no good feelings for him, he still didn’t want to argue with her. He was a person who wanted to live peacefully.

It would be awkward to fight with the servants. After all, they had watched Luo Qin grow up since he was young. It was not good for his husband if Lin Zhixia fell out with the staff.

He waited for a while, sitting at the table, feeling drowsy. Eventually, he heard the soft, lively voices of the servants drifting into the dining room. It must be Luo Qin coming home! He immediately got up and ran to the door. But it was not Luo Qin who greeted Lin Zhixia, it was his younger sister, Luo Yao.

Luo Yao was still in high school but there was already a row of ear stud piercings on her ears. She only wore one strap of her backpack, her face had delicate makeup, her arms had large tattoos and her school uniform was altered and messy. The white uniform was covered with graffiti and the trousers were rolled up a few times, revealing slender ankles. It made her look like a classic ‘bad girl’.

“Yaoyao, you’re back.”

After saying that Lin Zhixia took a step back, he was a little afraid of her.

Mother Wang and the others hid their dislike but Luo Yao never pretended to like Lin Zhixia.

“Go away.”

It was the same attitude every time they spoke.

Adolescent girls were always like that and Luo Yao even provoked Luo Qin sometimes. Lin Zhixia was not too bothered by her attitude. He obediently stepped to the side and watched Luo Yao stride to the dining room. She sneered at the table full of dishes and then went up to the second floor.

Mother Wang yelled at her from below, “Young Miss, aren’t you eating?”

“I’ve eaten outside,” Luo Yao stood upstairs, raised her eyebrows at Lin Zhixia and smiled. “Mother Wang, haven’t I told you before, when I eat at home, don’t serve me garbage. I won’t eat it.”

Lin Zhixia was dumbfounded and Mother Wang said under her breath, “Who said I cooked this? Look at it, it’s so unappetizing!” She seemed to be talking to herself but she was looking at Lin Zhixia. Even if he were slow, it was easy to see she wanted him to hear.

She didn’t hide her disgust.

Lin Zhixia clenched his hand and wanted to say something. But in the end he said nothing and sat back at the table.

It was half past nine now and Lin Zhixia was unsure if he should continue to wait.

In fact, Luo Qin hadn’t told him that he would come back for dinner. Lin Zhixia had sent a lot of text messages to ask him but Luo Qin only sent back an abrupt answer.

But compared to the straightforward refusal from a few days ago, the attitude of this message was already very gentle.

Luo Qin was a man of few words. When Lin Zhixia first transmigrated and learned that he was a married man, he immediately searched for Luo Qin’s information online. It turned out that Luo Qin was an impressive person.

With a superior background, the school he attended was also one of the top schools in the world. Upon graduation, he took over the Qin family business, which had been declining at the time, and brought it back on the right track. Within a year, he returned the business to the leading position in the industry and was considered a rising star.

And Luo Qin was very good looking.

One hundred different articles came up after searching Luo Qin online. Ninety five of them were all howling about how Luo Qin was so handsome.  The remaining five articles were asking why Luo Qin didn’t make a debut in the entertainment industry.

There was also a video interview where a journalist asked Luo Qin about his love life.

At that time, Luo Qin had just graduated. He raised a shapely eyebrow and his faint smile melted all the viewers’ hearts.

“I am not good at expressing myself and I am often boring. I hope my lover will not get angry because of it.”

On the surface, Luo Qin seemed to be a very cold person but Lin Zhixia thought that maybe he had a very gentle heart.

Lin Zhixia couldn’t deny that, although he didn’t know enough about Luo Qin, he was moved when he saw this video.

Lin Zhixia was an orphan in his original world. He had always looked forward to having his own family, so that he would no longer be all alone, without a place to belong. In this world, he was still an orphan but now he had Luo Qin.

He’d finally ceased to be alone.

Thinking of this, Lin Zhixia rubbed his eyes and decided to wait for Luo Qin to return.

Finally, at twelve o’clock, Luo Qin returned.

Standing tall, he was wearing a white shirt and black trousers. Although his face was slightly tired, he was still handsome.

Luo Qin was of foreign descent, his grandfather being French. His skin was fair, his facial features were very striking. His amber pupils made his eyes very attractive and a casual glance would make people feel completely charmed.

Lin Zhixia didn’t follow celebrities very much in his original world but he loved to watch dramas. After work, it was his greatest pleasure to lie down and mindlessly watch a few episodes of the latest drama.

Luo Qin was more handsome than all the male protagonists of any drama he had ever watched.

Although very sleepy, when Lin Zhixia saw Luo Qin, he was instantly awake and sober.

The moment he opened the door, the fragrance of unknown flowers in the garden also poured in and the scent tightly surrounded Lin Zhixia’s soul.

“You’re back!”

Lin Zhixia could hear the excitement in his own voice. Compared with the quiet Luo Qin, he was a little embarrassed. So after his brief excitement, he forced himself to calm down. He then sat at the table, watching Luo Qin nervously.

Luo Qin glanced at Lin Zhixia.

He was wearing white pajamas, his hair looked soft and black. His big, dark eyes were bright, looking at him innocently.

Luo Qin was disgusted.

Lin Zhixia couldn’t suppress the joy in his voice, he really couldn’t hold back his excitement. Luo Qin always fell asleep late and got up early in the mornings. The two of them hadn’t seen each other for several days. Lin Zhixia finally waited long enough tonight.

“I made you braised pork ribs and steamed fish…”

Before he finished the introduction, Luo Qin went past him and straight up the stairs.

Lin Zhixia’s voice hung in the air and he stopped speaking, a little embarrassed.

After a day of work, Luo Qin should be tired. It made sense he didn’t have the energy to stop and listen to him, Lin Zhixia thought.

He sighed and put the food in the refrigerator.

In order to wait for Luo Qin to come back to eat together, Lin Zhixia had been very hungry. But now, his appetite was gone.

He should go to sleep.

He went up to his room, frustrated. As he passed the study door, he saw light leaking from the bottom gap. His heart hurt.

Luo Qin would stay up late working again tonight and Lin Zhixia would sleep alone.


lordanony t/n:

* ‘Mother Wang’ not an actual mother. It’s an intimate nickname like ‘aunt’ or ‘aunty’.



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