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I Was Pregnant After Divorce – Ch 16

Lin Zhixia closed up the restaurant a little early and returned home with Xiao Ai. After prevaricating internally for a while, he finally decided to change the both of them into the clothes Luo Qin had bought for them.

When Xiao Ai put on his little black coat, Lin Zhixia decided that Luo Qin had a very good eye. He looked so cute! The little leather boots were a bit big but with the rate that children grow, Lin Zhixia wasn’t worried.

Dressed in his best clothes and wearing the new items bought by Luo Qin, Lin Keai was transformed from a cute chubby doll into a handsome little prince. He looked like a different child to his dad.

However, in the next second, Lin Keai produced a cookie from his brand new pocket and started chewing it loudly. The illusion was broken and Lin Zhixia didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Was his little bean so hungry all the time that he had to have a snack nearby no matter what?

After dressing himself in his best clothes, Lin Zhixia put on his new trench coat.

The coat fit very well but looking into the mirror, Lin Zhixia felt uncomfortable. All week long, Lin Zhixia worked in his restaurant and the kitchen fumes were very potent, making everything smell like food and cooking oil. He usually dressed very simply.

This coat was something that should be worn by celebrities and the rich. On Lin Zhixia, it just looked awkward.

But Luo Qin might be taking them to a fancy restaurant. Lin Zhixia should make some kind of effort for them to fit in, no matter how awkward he ended up looking.


When Luo QIn returned home, Luo Yao was sitting on the couch playing on her phone. When she saw him enter, she shouted from far away, “Brother! Where do you want to go tonight to celebrate?”

“I don’t have time tonight,” Luo Qin looked at his watch, “I have an appointment.”

“What?” Luo Yao sat up quickly, “But I already told Dad that we would meet with him tonight! Why didn’t you tell me?”

Luo Qin’s tone was flat, “Then you go to dinner with Dad.”

“But it’s your birthday! What’s the point if you’re not there?” Luo Yao complained, “Oh, wait! Do you have a date with Brother Ruxu?”

Luo Qin didn’t answer. He turned around and went upstairs.

Luo Yao collapsed back on the sofa and shouted after him, “You’re no fun!”


Lin Zhixia held Xiao Ai as he walked them back to the restaurant. From a good distance away, he recognized Luo Qin’s car, parked in front of the door. Luo Qin leaned against the side of the car with his arms crossed over his chest, staring into nothing. It was hard to tell what he was thinking about.

Lin Keai wiggled to be set down and then ran happily on his little legs towards Luo Qin. The little dumpling didn’t hesitate to latch onto Luo Qin’s leg, hugging his thigh tight. Lin Keai raised his head and smiled widely at him.

Luo Qin looked up at Lin Zhixia and his face went slack with astonishment. The coat Luo Qin had bought suited him very well, making his figure look slender and alluring.

Luo Qin was amazed. Lin Zhixia was 24, had a child and ran his own busy restaurant. He had endured hardship and fatigue more than most adults twice his age but he still had an air of youthful hope around him. Like the summer sun after a light rain, bright and refreshing but not scorching.

Lin Zhixia glanced at Luo Qin but none of these thoughts were on his face. He turned his attention back to Lin Keai.

Does this little guy have to be so enthusiastic every time they meet Luo Qin? It was disturbing!

Luo Qin did indeed take them to eat at a high class, fancy restaurant. Luo Qin had made a reservation early for a private booth and the staff led them to it right away.

Lin Zhixia took Lin Keai’s hand and followed after Luo Qin. Xiao Ai had been hungry in the car and he now pulled out a red bean bun from his pocket and started eating it while looking around with wide eyes.

Lin Zhixia was also looking around everywhere with the same expression.

He had never been to this kind of restaurant. Even from outside, the restaurant gave off an intimidating feeling but Lin Zhixia was surprised to find the inside was so intricate and spacious.

They were led through a long corridor and then into a small courtyard. The courtyard was decorated in a winter scene with delicate lanterns that were lit at the four corners. Only after this courtyard were they led to the private room.

The restaurant was like its own little city.

Luo Qin stopped in front of Lin Zhixia. He was so busy looking around that both he and Xiao Ai bumped into Luo Qin’s back. Embarrassed, Lin Zhixia blushed and took a step back.

Luo Qin said in a low voice, “Here we are.”

The room was not large but for the three of them it was still very spacious.

Both Lin Zhixia and Xiao Ai were not picky eaters. Luo Qin handed him the menu but Lin Zhixia shook his head, “You can help Xiao Ai choose. I can eat anything.”

Lin Keai excitedly climbed up to sit in Luo Qin’s lap to look at the menu. He began to pretend to be a cultured person and seriously started to discuss the options with Luo Qin.

Pointing to a picture on the menu, Lin Keai said, “This dish, eat this one!”

Luo Qin smiled, “Okay.”

“This one though, it’s not delicious,” Lin Keai shook his head in disgust, “It looks gross!”

Luo Qin nodded seriously, “You’re right. Not this one.”

Lin Zhixia sat opposite the two of them with his chin resting on his hand. He had mixed feelings in his heart as he watched them interact so harmoniously.

Because Lin Keai wanted to help order, a process that should have taken three minutes took twenty. Luo Qin was patient the whole time, giving his full attention to Xiao Ai’s babbled nonsense.

Fortunately, their food arrived fast. As the wait staff served them, Lin Zhixia noticed that one of the waiters had a box in his hand. Curious, he watched as the waiter handed the box to Luo Qin.

“Sir, this is a gift prepared by the owners of the restaurant for all members. Happy Birthday.”

“Thank You,” Luo Qin took the box and put it on the table next to him. When he raised his head, he met Lin Zhixia’s wide eyes.

“Today is your birthday?”

Lin Keai turned his head around and shouted, “Birthday!”

Luo Qin looked at Lin Zhixia for a long moment, feeling disappointed. Lin Zhixia had really forgotten his birthday… Luo Qin’s face was blank, not reflecting his thoughts as he nodded.

Lin Zhixia stammered, “Well, uh, Happy Birthday…”

Xiao Ai repeated after his dad, “Happy Birthday!”

Luo Qin squeezed his chubby face and then looked back up at Lin Zhixia, simply saying, “Thank you.”

This didn’t seem right…

Why wasn’t Luo Qin out celebrating his birthday with his family or Qiao Ruxu? Instead he was taking the two of them out for dinner and letting Lin Keai play around and order lots of food.

Oh no. It was obvious that Luo Qin liked Xiao Ai but did the baby already have such a high place in his heart?

Lin Zhixia stuffed a large shrimp dumpling into his mouth, alarm bells ringing in his head.

He looked up to see that Lin Keai was babbling and rooting around inside his pockets, looking for something. He felt around inside for a long time and still couldn’t find whatever it was.

Just as Lin Zhixia wanted to ask what he was doing, Lin Keai gave a frustrated grunt and simply dumped his pockets out all over the table.

The fruit candies and chocolate balls rolled out to spread over the table, some of them rolling onto the floor. Among the pile of snacks, Lin Keai picked up a squashed little cake and grabbed Luo Qin’s hand.

He carefully put the sad little cake onto Luo Qin’s palm.

Luo Qin was stunned and Lin Keai said seriously, “Dad says that you have to eat cake when it’s your birthday.”

Luo Qin kissed his round cheek, “Thank you, Xiao Ai.”

What a filial father and son, the skies were truly bright and clear…

Originally, Lin Zhixia had been in the mood to eat a lot of food. Now, the shrimp dumpling in his mouth tasted like ash.

After interacting with the little one, Luo Qin subconsciously looked up at Lin Zhixia. His previously calm face was now showing an annoyed pout, like an angry little puffer fish.

It was kind of cute…


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