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I Was Pregnant After Divorce – Ch 13

After eating, Luo Qin escorted them back to the restaurant. Lin Keai hesitated, looking like he wanted Luo Qin to hug him goodbye. Lin Zhixia knew his son’s mind at a glance and although his heart felt sour, he told Luo Qin what the little bean wanted.

Luo Qin was a little surprised. He picked up Xiao Ai in his arms awkwardly, looking like a complete novice, holding the child with a strange and stiff posture. Lin Keai’s mouth pouted and it was obvious that he was uncomfortable but he wanted to be indulged and doted on so he endured.

He didn’t say a word and didn’t want Luo Qin to put him down.

Lin Zhixia sighed and helped Luo Qin adjust his hold on Lin Keai to something more natural and then walked next to them with pursed lips.

Lin Zhixia shouldn’t be so jealous. It was natural that Lin Keai became close with his biological father but Lin Zhixia still felt upset.

His displeasure was written on his face and Luo Qin knew his thoughts at a glance.

Lin Zhixia was worried that Luo Qin would snatch the little guy away and this sense of crisis filled every minute and second of their time together.

“Don’t worry. I know Xiao Ai will live a good life with you by his side.”

Lin Zhixia glanced at him and found that Luo Qin was also looking his way. The moment their eyes met, Lin Zhixia became embarrassed and he looked away, not saying anything.

“Why did you choose his name?”

From his tone, it sounded like Luo Qin disliked Xiao Ai’s name.

Lin Zhixia muttered, “I just hope that the baby can grow up to be beautiful…”

Luo Qin smiled lightly and asked another question, “Did you have an easy pregnancy?”

Although it was common for men to become pregnant in this world, Lin Zhixia still felt weird when talking so openly about his pregnancy. But since Luo Qin asked, he felt like he had to answer.

“The pregnancy was not difficult. The baby was very obedient.”

He didn’t even throw up much and Xiao Ai just slept quietly in his stomach for several months, causing him no pain. After he was born, Xiao Ai was an unusually obedient little baby, rarely crying at night.

Aunty Qin always said that Xiao Ai was aware of the hard work of his father and that the baby could sense his heartache and struggle. So from the pregnancy till now, Xiao Ai was extremely well behaved.

“Why didn’t you come to find me?”

Lin Zhixia was very amused by Luo Qin’s question. Did he forget his attitude towards Lin Zhixia at that time?

“What was the difference between looking for you and not looking for you? Xiao Ai is a gift to me but not to you.”

Lin Zhixia laughed, “If I came to find you, you would definitely think that our child was a bad thing and that I had committed some wrong again! Just like that night, didn’t you also think that I took the drug myself and then seduced you?”

Lin Zhixia’s tone was very relaxed, his tone bland but it still grated on Luo Qin’s ears.

But Luo Qin couldn’t even say a word to refute him.

Lin Zhixia didn’t care what Luo Qin was thinking so he didn’t ask. They stood outside the restaurant with Luo Qin still holding Xiao Ai.

Lin Zhixia glanced over at the little guy to find him asleep on Luo Qin’s shoulder. He laughed softly and said, “This little piggy can sleep anywhere.”

Luo Qin moved to hand Lin Keai over to Lin Zhixia. In the process, Xiao Ai half woke up and flailed, his little fist connecting with Luo Qin’s face. The force was light but it still caught Luo Qin by surprise and he was startled by the sudden blow.

Lin Zhixia laughed at his expression, having never seen him look like that.

Everytime Luo Qin showed himself to be human, Lin Zhixia felt relieved in his heart.

“Can I still come to visit him?”

“Yes,” Lin Zhixia dropped his smile and lowered his eyelashes, “Actually, he really seems to like you.”

After saying that he was ready to go inside the restaurant with Xiao Ai in his arms but Luo Qin called out to him. Lin Zhixia turned back and looked at him blankly, “What’s wrong?”

After a moment, Luo Qin shook his head, “Nothing.”

Lin Zhixia carried Xiao Ai inside.


Two days later, Luo Qin received a call.

Xiao Qi had gathered a great number of computer documents for him and his voice on the phone sounded lazy, “Luo Qin, you really call yourself my friend and brother? I don’t remember how long it’s been since I’ve taken on a job with such a large workload. I haven’t slept all night, I’m sleepy.”

Luo Qin knew what he really meant, “I’ll increase your pay.”

“Thank you, brother! Thank you for your patronage and please reach out if you need me again!”

Luo Qin opened the file containing the surveillance video from the cruise on the night of Qiao Mei’s birthday.

Xiao Qi had made a compilation out of all the images of Lin Zhixia that night.

He saw Lin Zhixia bewildered and at a loss in the crowd. He saw Lin Zhixia aggrieved and afraid to go forward when he found himself confronted with Qiao Ruxu. Finally, he watched Lin Zhixia be humiliated by Qiao Mei and then sitting despondently after she left.

Of course, he also saw Qiao Mei hand Lin Zhixia a drink.

At that time, Lin Zhixia should be rejoicing because Qiao Mei showed a small kindness to him, not expecting that the cup of wine he drank would cause him harm.

The video finished playing.

Luo Qin expressionlessly replayed it again.

What had he been doing at that time?

He was chatting with Qiao Ruxu outside and trying to destress, dealing with the endless stream of socializing.

He remembered when Qiao Ruxu asked him why he had given his room card to Lin Zhixia.

His answer at the time was that he was afraid Lin Zhixia would make a scene and embarrass himself and consequently, Luo Qin.

The next day, Luo Qin woke up to see Lin Zhixia lying naked beside him and in that moment, Luo Qin felt very sick.

He left Lin Zhixia alone and didn’t speak any kind words to him after that.

He thought it was Lin Zhixia who drugged himself to seduce a drunk Luo Qin. So when Lin Zhixia brought it up with a mix of joy and shame, Luo Qin spoke coldly and viciously.

In Luo Qin’s eyes, Lin Zhixia was a very unbearable and annoying person. Everything he did contained ulterior motives, so Luo Qin let Luo Yao make things difficult for him. He also allowed the servants to treat Lin Zhixia with contempt.

“You don’t treat Xiao Ai as a treasure, a gift. How will the Luo family or even the servants treat him when they see your attitude towards him?”

Luo Qin smiled bitterly. So that’s why Lin Zhixia was so determined and resolute when he left the Luo manor.

He put off all of his work for the day and drove to Lin Zhixia’s little restaurant. Their relationship was truly a twisted entanglement but, in the end, Luo Qin felt like he owed something to Lin Zhixia.


The restaurant was busy today. Lin Zhixia rushed around with his bangs tied up, revealing a simple but beautiful face, like a young and fresh-faced college student.

After the busy rush died down, Lin Zhixia took a break, looking around the restaurant for his little bean. He found Lin Keai and Chu Xun, squatting in the corner and eating lollipops together.

Lin Keai looked tired from squatting for so long and he fell back to sit on his bottom. As soon as he did, Chu Xun grabbed him and pulled him up, muttering, “Dirty.”

Lin Keai agreed to get up and tried to help Chu Xun lift his weight to stand. After a long moment of struggling, Chu Xun gave up, “Keai is so fat.”

Lin Keai was stunned and he looked at Chu Xun, utterly aggrieved. Then he opened his mouth and started to cry.

Chu Xun also started to cry, looking confused, not knowing what to do.

Lin Zhixia witnessed all of this from behind them and almost suffocated from holding back laughter. He went forward and lifted the two dumplings, bringing them to sit down at a table nearby. He offered them a plate of french fries and told them not to run around any more.

Lin Keai was still sobbing even as he stuffed his little mouth full of fries.

Qin Zhe came to stand next to Lin Zhixia and teased Lin Keai gently until he calmed down. He then suggested the two of them take a walk by themselves.

Qin Zhe had a serious look on his face so Lin Zhixia agreed, following behind Qin Zhe to leave the restaurant.

They ended up in the nearby park. It was still winter and the park was empty, leaving them in complete privacy as they walked.

“Zhixia, the man who came to see you…is he your…?”

Qin Zhe stopped talking. Lin Zhixia knew what he was trying to ask and he replied with a smile, “Yes, he’s my ex-husband.”

“Why is he here?” Qin Zhe blurted the question out and then was a little anxious. He felt that perhaps Lin Zhixia would think he was overstepping, that what he was asking was too invasive, so he explained, “Hasn’t he been absent for the past few years?”

“I found out I was pregnant after we were already divorced. He never knew,” Lin Zhixia’s voice was light and he seemed unbothered as he continued, “I don’t have a good relationship with him and we didn’t get married because we love each other. So I think it’s normal that he didn’t show up.”

Qin Zhe saw that Lin Zhixia was so relaxed and casual about this and felt distressed, his heart squeezing painfully. He had witnessed first hand how hard life had been for Lin Zhixia these past years. And as soon as his life was doing better, Luo Qin showed up at his door.

The Luo family was powerful and had a famous reputation. It was unsurprising that they would pay special attention to any illegitimate children.

With Luo Qin suddenly appearing and inserting himself in Lin Zhixia’s life, Qin Zhe was suspicious and worried.

Lin Zhixia had always made sure to treat Qin Zhe with a polite distance, drawing a line in the sand for how close their relationship could be. Lin Zhixia was obviously unwilling to see his ex-husband again. That was why he pretended that Qin Zhe was his husband and held his hand so intimately that day.

But…although it felt like too much of a risk to their friendship, Qin Zhe revealed his heart.

“Zhixia, have you thought about what I said before? Although I’m not as powerful as the Luo family, I can still protect you and Xiao Ai.”

Lin Zhixia didn’t expect Qin Zhe to say this so suddenly, so boldly. His first instinct was to refuse but he hesitated, not sure of how to turn him down again. In the silence that followed, Luo Qin’s cold voice came from behind them.

“He doesn’t need to think about it. He won’t ever accept you.”

Lin Zhixia was stunned, “Why are you here?”

The small park was very hidden and it was not easily found by non-residents. Lin Zhixia thought of his conversation with Qin Zhe just now. Had Luo Qin overheard all of it? Why did he look a little upset?

“Did you follow us?”

Luo Qin did not deny that he followed them, calmly saying, “I came to see you.”

When Luo Qin had arrived at the restaurant, Lin Zhixia had still been busily working. He parked his car where he would not be easily noticed and decided to observe for a while. He watched Lin Zhixia, with his bangs tied up, bend over to smile and talk to Xiao Ai.

This side of Lin Zhixia was very bright and vivid, capturing Luo Qin’s attention. Before he knew it, a lot of time had passed.

When Luo Qin saw Lin Zhixia and Qin Zhe walk away from the restaurant, he felt compelled to follow.

Luo Qin didn’t deny that he had followed them and Lin Zhixia realized that he had listened to their entire conversation before butting in. Luo Qin’s unapologetic, indifferent attitude made anger rise up in Lin Zhixia and he glared at the man.

He suppressed his anger and turned to Qin Zhe, “Brother Qin, please excuse me. Let’s talk about this later.”

After speaking, Lin Zhixia didn’t even look at Luo Qin and left with quick steps.

Luo Qin moved to follow him but Qin Zhe stepped forward to block his way.

“Mister Luo, let’s have a chat.”

“What is there to talk about?”

The hostility in his words was obvious so Qin Zhe didn’t bother to be polite with him. He got straight to the point, “Don’t you think you’ve gone too far?”

“I didn’t deliberately eavesdrop.”

“I’m not just talking about that,” Qin Zhe said, his mood turning even more sour and he continued grimly, “Do you know how Lin Zhixia has lived these past four years? He has no relatives and started with no friends. Then he suddenly had a child to care for. Have you ever thought about how he survived in this city?”

“You’ve already divorced him and these past four years you’ve never once thought about his life or death. Why are you here now to make things difficult for him?”

Luo Qin gave him a cold look, “I don’t need to explain myself to you.”

“Right. You refuse to explain yourself,” Qin Zhe sneered at him, “Mister Luo, you are too arrogant. I may not know what happened between you and him but I do know that Zhixia divorcing you was the right choice.”

“You are not worthy of him.”


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