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I Was Pregnant After Divorce – Ch 4

A cruise ship on a voyage, floating in the boundless moonlight.

Sometimes he was submerged in the water, at other times he was jumping completely out. Always with graceful movements before sinking deep.

A stone fell into the calm surface of a river, fragmenting the reflection of the moon.

From the initial chaos, to the gradual awakening from intense pain, his body became increasingly uncontrollable. He was broken again and again, always trying to escape but he was held in chains.

In pain, full of madness, he crawled forward but was dragged back by his ankle.

He became the moonlight on the water.

Early morning.

When Lin Zhixia woke up, he was aching all over, as if his body was ready to fall apart.

What happened last night? Why does it hurt everywhere? Especially his most sensitive parts…

Lin Zhixia rubbed his head, fighting a migraine. The memories of yesterday slowly surfaced in his mind.

He drank the wine Qiao Mei had given him and then he became ill. Not long after he returned to the room, he felt hot all over. At that time, he hadn’t thought much about it. He just assumed the room was hot.

But the heat he had felt last night was strange. There must have been something wrong with that glass of wine.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help shivering.

Qiao Mei was obviously still a high school student. How could a kid do such a terrible thing?

Fortunately, it was Luo Qin who came later…

Luo Qin, he couldn’t believe it! Lin Zhixia’s face turned red all at once. The pain in his body reminded him that all of this was true.

Lin Zhixia’s thoughts were a mess. After he calmed down, he realized that something was wrong. Why was he alone in the room? Where did Luo Qin go?

Although Lin Zhixia was not experienced, he’d watched a lot of novels and TV series. Generally speaking, shouldn’t this kind of early morning be very sweet after the event? But there was no sign of Luo Qin.

When Lin Zhixia turned on his phone, the chat records between him and Luo Qin showed no new messages. Luo Qin’s attitude was too cold and Lin Zhixia felt hurt.

Recalling Luo Qin’s indifference these days, Lin Zhixia wanted to talk frankly with him and solve any misunderstandings. Leaving it alone was too torturous.

So he sent a message to Luo Qin.

“Can you come back earlier today? I have something to tell you.”

After waiting for a long time, Luo Qin replied. “Okay.”

Lin Zhixia went home and saw that Mother Wang was preparing lunch. He wanted to go and help but thinking of what Luo Yao had said the other day, he said, “Mother Wang, can I help you?”

Mother Wang glanced at him, taking in his pleasant smile. She said calmly, “You can help me wash these little green vegetables.”

Lin Zhixia was happy to help. He was very good at housework and had quick hands and feet. He always thought that his own cooking was quite delicious. In fact, in the summer of his freshman year, he had worked at a five-star hotel, helping in the kitchen.

Seeing his diligence and good attitude, Mother Wang couldn’t help sighing, “You seem like such a good child right now. Why do you always have to…”

Lin Zhixia stopped. He raised his head and waited for Mother Wang’s next sentence. However, Luo Yao interrupted, slamming the front door open and walking straight into the kitchen, shouting,

“Starved to death, I’m starved to death. Give me food!”

Mother Wang’s attention was drawn away and she went to coax Luo Yao bit by bit. Lin Zhixia was very depressed. He’d almost been able to find a clue but Luo Yao stepped in.

But Luo Qin had promised to come back early to talk in the evening. The mystery should be solved soon so Lin Zhixia was not in a hurry at this time.

Luo Yao stared at him for a while and then smiled maliciously, asking, “How was it yesterday, was the banquet fun?”

Lin Zhixia glanced at her and said nothing.

Luo Yao walked up to him and persisted, “What do you want to say, are you deaf?”

“You did it on purpose,” Lin Zhixia didn’t look at her, focused on the work he was doing. His tone was flat but he was angry inside. “Luo Qin didn’t want me to go.”

“That’s not important,” Luo Yao said lazily, not caring about the fact that she lied to Lin Zhixia. She was interested in something else, “How about Qiao Mei. Isn’t she cute? ”

Cute? Thinking of what Qiao Mei did yesterday, Lin Zhixia shuddered. If he really thought that, he’d be a fool.

However, he was indeed stupid. He clearly felt that Luo Yao didn’t like him and still believed her words at the time.

Luo Yao was still chattering but Lin Zhixia put down the food in his hand and went straight back to his room. Luo Yao, who was ignored, cursed after him. But Lin Zhixia didn’t want to talk to her.

He’d had enough. He’d been dizzy since he got up in the morning and he really didn’t have the energy to deal with Luo Yao anymore.

In the afternoon, Lin Zhixia went to the mall again and returned the necklace he had bought before. When he got home, it was already eight o’clock in the evening and Luo Qin hadn’t returned yet.

They had agreed that Luo Qin would come back earlier. Maybe Luo Qin’s concept of ‘earlier’ was different from Lin Zhixia’s.

Mother Wang did not leave him a meal.

Not being hungry all day, Lin Zhixia hadn’t eaten much. He felt groggy and lethargic. He sat in the living room waiting for Luo Qin and fell asleep there before long.

It was late at night when Luo Qin came back. He had been busy at work for a long time. He had long forgotten the message Lin Zhixia had sent him. Only when he saw him lying on the sofa did Luo Qin remember the promise to return early.

He glanced at the time. It was too late, there was no need to wake him up again.

But Lin Zhixia rubbed his eyes and sat up. When he saw Luo Qin, he subconsciously smiled at him, “You’re back.”

“Yes,” Luo Qin’s expression was the same as usual, “The company was busy today. I forgot.”

Lin Zhixia understood and shook his head, “It’s okay.”

“What were you going to say?”

“Last night,” Lin Zhixia bit his lip, “What happened last night…”

Hearing Lin Zhixia mention that night, Luo Qin’s eyes became colder again. He sarcastically said, “You should be very happy. You finally got your wish.”

Lin Zhixia was stunned, “What?”

“You finally climbed into my bed. Congratulations,” Luo Qin sneered, “So, are you using this to threaten me? Lin Zhixia, your method is really the same as always.”

Luo Qin’s voice was very attractive, low and magnetic. He didn’t communicate much with Lin Zhixia but Lin Zhixia was fascinated by his voice.

Sometimes, Lin Zhixia stupidly thought that if Luo Qin ever talked sweet words to him in such a voice, he would definitely collapse within a minute.

But at this moment, Luo Qin’s voice was a weapon, hammering against Lin Zhixia’s heart again and again.

“What do you mean?” Lin Zhixia murmured, “Do you think I took the medicine deliberately and then tempted you?”

His expression was sad, as if he was about to cry in the next second.

“What makes you think you can do this kind of thing? Lin Zhixia, you overestimate your abilities,” Luo Qin looked at his vibrating mobile phone and said impatiently, “Haven’t you done enough these days? Don’t be so shameless. Just stop already.”


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