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I Was Pregnant After Divorce – Ch 5

Lin Zhixia became sick.

He started to have a high fever that night and he didn’t have the energy to get up. So he wrapped himself tightly in the quilt, thinking that it would be better to sweat more.

He spent the night sleeping and waking up, waking up several times. He only woke up for good at noon the next day.

The fever still wouldn’t go away.

He went downstairs to find Mother Wang to get some anti-fever medicine. He happened to see Luo Qin who was upstairs with a cup of coffee. Luo Qin glanced at him but walked away without saying a word.

Lin Zhixia no longer had the strength to be sad and angry. His knees softened and he almost fell down.

Luo Qin’s footsteps stopped and he finally paid attention to Lin Zhixia, “You…”

Lin Zhixia didn’t seem to hear him as he held the railing and slowly went downstairs.

Luo Qin stood at the top of the stairs, not moving. He heard Lin Zhixia softly whisper, “Mother Wang, do you know where the antipyretics are?”

“Oh, my. I’m too busy now. You wait a minute, wait a minute and I will give it to you later …”

Lin Zhixia stood by and waited obediently. He felt strange, having a fever. He was obviously hot but he still felt cold. He trembled from time to time.

He was already thin and had become weaker after getting sick. He seemed ready to fall as soon as the wind blew.

Lin Zhixia eventually got the medicine and was about to go back to the room. He paused as he saw Luo Qin still standing on the stairs. He was condescendingly examining Lin Zhixia.

Maybe Luo Qin felt like Lin Zhixia was putting on a show again.

Lin Zhixia felt like crying. His life felt meaningless, boring.

He had fantasized so many things about this life before. It was funny to think about now.

Lin Zhixia passed by him and went back to the room without stopping.

Luo Qin went downstairs and instructed Mother Wang, “Cook some porridge and send it to him.”

Mother Wang was stunned for a moment, then she nodded, “Oh, okay.”

Then, she spoke again, “Master, you are such a wonderful person. Don’t worry, I won’t let that kid succeed…”

Luo Qin frowned, “Don’t say such things in the future.”

Lin Zhixia took the medicine and slept again. He slept very heavily this time and he dreamed.

In the dream, the memories of the original Lin Zhixia swallowed him all at once like sea water.

Lin Zhixia, who graduated from high school at the age of eighteen, came to the Luo family and became a servant.

The owner of this house was very busy and the two hardly saw each other. One day Luo Qin came back late at night. He was very drunk when Lin Zhixia came across him.

The drunk Luo Qin still had a charming demeanor and Lin Zhixia was instantly fascinated.

Since then, Lin Zhixia acted like a thief every day, masking his obsession and hiding in the corner to watch Luo Qin’s every move.

Soon he found out that Qiao Ruxu existed. Qiao Ruxu was also considered a proud son of heaven, extremely blessed. The Qiao family and Luo family were close friends and the two sons had known each other since they were young.

Although the sons never officially got together, the two families agreed that the two children would be a pair.

Finding this out, Lin Zhixia completely collapsed.

Late at night, Luo Qin was unconscious after another drunken party. Lin Zhixia sneaked onto Luo Qin’s bed and took a picture of the two embracing each other.

With the position of the Luo family, there could be no scandals. This was especially because Luo Qin was recognized as the next successor.

Lin Zhixia’s plan succeeded.

After browsing the memory fragments for a short time, another book appeared before his eyes. The pages of the book turned automatically and all the words were squeezed into his mind.

It was the novel he transmigrated into; “Love For a Lifetime.”

This novel recorded the life of Luo Qin. About how he turned the tide and restored the glory of the Luo Group, which was about to be built, then destroyed. It also recorded the years when he and Qiao Ruxu separated, reunited and stood by each other.

The protagonist was indeed Luo Qin and Lin Zhixia was just a tool. A means to destroy the relationship between Luo Qin and Qiao Ruxu. After marrying Luo Qin, Lin Zhixia continued to make small moves against them and finally killed himself. Afterwards, all connections he had to the Luo family was covered up.

It was night when Lin Zhixia woke up again and it was dusk outside. He was lying on the bed and from his position, he could see the lights in the distance.

He imagined that under those lights, happy families were sitting together. Maybe the children were complaining about school and the parents were relaxing after a tiring day. At that moment, everyone was enjoying the peace and warmth of family.

This was the warmth Lin Zhixia had always longed for but never received.

In his last world, Lin Zhixia was most afraid of festivals. Especially the family-friendly festivals like the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival. The more lively, the more sad he always was.

Originally, Lin Zhixia really thought that when he came to this novel world, he could have this excitement and warmth but…no.

In fact, after realizing that Luo Qin didn’t seem to like him that much, Lin Zhixia felt resentment in his heart.

If he was disliked, why get married?

It was just like his parents…If they never wanted him, why give birth to him? Why bring him into this world and then throw him away? It was so irresponsible.

But that dream had let Lin Zhixia know that there was no misunderstanding at all. It turned out that Luo Qin didn’t just dislike him, Luo Qin hated him.

He stared at the little lights in the distance for a long time.

After knowing those things, Lin Zhixia experienced a heart-shaking emotional outburst. But after looking into the distance, he slowly recovered his calm.

There was no need for such a marriage to continue.

He decided to become the person Lin Zhixia was before everything. It would be a more difficult life but it was better than forcing others to suffer every day.

He could understand Luo Qin’s resentment against him. No matter who it was, being forced into marriage would result in bad feelings.

However, he was not the same Lin Zhixia as before.

Although he was poor, he yearned for a vast world and happy life. He believed that hardships could be overcome with one’s own will. That God would reward one’s hard work, that he can meet that special person and then have his own, happy little family.

Before that, he had to untie the rope that bound Luo Qin.

He had no way to apologize for the Lin Zhixia before, nor did he want to bear the consequences of his evil deeds.

Relieving Luo Qin of this burden was also a new beginning for Lin Zhixia.

As the night darkened, Lin Zhixia closed his eyes. After being in this world for so long, feeling bad for so long, his heart was floating. As if there was no moment more peaceful than right now.

He thought before that he had gotten what he wanted and was a little excited. Now he realized that he still didn’t have it. But he still felt at ease.

Lin Zhixia had been ill for two days and no one had visited him in those two days.

Lin Zhixia was very calm. On the weekend, he took a divorce agreement and went to see Luo Qin.

Luo Qin glanced at the divorce agreement in front of him and without a word, his gaze turned back to the computer screen.

Lin Zhixia was not surprised by his reaction. He pursed his lips and smiled, “I don’t want to play tricks. It’s true, let’s get a divorce.”

Hearing this, Luo Qin was a little surprised. He raised his head and glanced up. Lin Zhixia still had a smile on his face, his eyes were clear. Luo Qin couldn’t see a trace of any lies.

Despite this, Luo Qin still didn’t believe him. There were too many lessons from the past for him to trust Lin Zhixia.

“Do you think I will believe you?”

Lin Zhixia looked calm and pushed the document in front of him.

“If you don’t trust me, you can ask a lawyer to help you look at it.”

“What about your request?”

“I didn’t ask for it. I don’t want anything,” Lin Zhixia pursed his lips, “I’m sorry to have bothered you for so long. If there is a chance to see you again in the future, I hope you can see me as a brand new Lin Zhixia at that time.”

Feeling bitter, Lin Zhixia smiled embarrassedly, “However, we shouldn’t meet again, so I will say goodbye to you.”

Luo Qin stared at him blankly. He thought that according to Lin Zhixia’s temperament, even if he was willing to divorce, there would still be a catch. This lion would open his mouth and demand a fortune. He didn’t expect that Lin Zhixia would want nothing.

How could such light and indifferent words come from his mouth?

Lin Zhixia sighed and shrugged at him, “I’m leaving now.”

Before Luo Qin responded, Lin Zhixia walked out of the study.

He wanted to joke with Luo Qin that he won’t need to sleep in the study anymore. But he was worried that if he opened his mouth, he would start to cry.

His feelings were so damn confusing. He had only been in this world for less than a month and he knew so little about Luo Qin. Perhaps this lost feeling came from this body’s obsession with Luo Qin. Or because he had transferred his longing for home and attachment to Luo Qin.

Although Luo Qin was very indifferent to him, misunderstood him and said such ugly things, Lin Zhixia really liked him very much.

Lin Zhixia patted his face. It would be okay. Don’t think about it anymore. After stepping out of this house, he was a brand new person.

The formalities were handled quickly and Lin Zhixia left the Luo family very soon.

He had no luggage. When he left, he put a few clothes and some toiletries in a solitary bag.

Looking at his bag, Lin Zhixia realized that the hotel had more to it than his room. The Luo family was indeed not his home.

When he left, Luo Yao was out of school. She saw him with his bag and was cruel to him like usual, “What are you doing? Running away from home? I advise you not to do that. Even if you die outside, no one will look for you.”

“Yes. I’m leaving.” Lin Zhixia said with a smile, “Miss Luo Yao, I divorced Mister Luo Qin.”

Luo Yao was taken aback for a moment and then screamed, “What???”

Lin Zhixia did not speak any more and left immediately.

Luo Yao screamed excitedly behind him, “Damn! What the hell is going on!? Come back and tell me clearly!!!”

Lin Zhixia ignored her.

In the study on the second floor, Luo Qin stood by the window, silently watching Lin Zhixia’s departure.

The workaholic Luo Qin, abnormally, did not go to the company that day. He instead worked from home, not really understanding why. Maybe he was waiting for Lin Zhixia to come back crying and begging for forgiveness. Saying he lied.

That was the real Lin Zhixia. This was his usual trick.

Maybe he was waiting for a real farewell.

But Lin Zhixia didn’t come back.

He watched Lin Zhixia walk out of the Luo’s house with his bag on his back.

His pace was firm and he never looked back.


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